Exterior House Washing

Exterior House Washing: Bebrite uses the latest industry approved equipment, qualified operators and exclusive to Bebrite cleaning products fully endorsed for use in the application. Bebrite specialised equipment will depend on the job where tiled areas are now common.

Bebrite can also provide cleaning solutions for commercial kitchens, sporting complexes, clubs and hotels, or just about anywhere where soft or high pressure cleaning is required.

Bebrite can also provide high hygiene cleaning using fully approved Anti-Microbial treatments, ideal for Nursing Homes, Medical Centres, or locations that must have a guaranteed hygiene result. Get a Exterior House Washing Quote or call 1300 131 664

Great results with Bebrite’s Exterior House Washing service

Exterior Home Washing Ignoring the environmental effects to the wall surfaces of your home or office exterior will significantly reduce not only the appearance of the asset, but the long-term life of the exterior finish will be lessoned, and may lead to maintenance costs, that can be greatly reduced, or even avoided.

Leaders in Exterior House Washing service

Bebrite’s approach to Hard Surface exterior house, whether it be; house washing of walls, cleaning eves, cleaning window surrounds, cleaning barge boards, cleaning under eves, or removing a build up of mould and mildew, is to approach the cleaning with the least aggressive method and using only Bebrite approved environmentally safe, highly efficient cleaning products. Get a Exterior House Washing Quote or call 1300 131 664. Bebrite uses only the latest least aggressive cleaning equipment to compliment its exclusive to Bebrite environmentally safe cleaning products.

Using Bebrite’s own exclusive cleaning product range for Exterior House Washing service

Bebrite’s exclusive to Bebrite cleaning products are all independently certified as being safe to use and application specific. Bebrite does not use abrasive or harmful to the environment cleaning products, or materials. Bebrites long lasting Anti- Microbial treatment will deter the reoccurrence of mould and or mildew for up to 6 months, and at the same time deter spiders from re- inhabiting those areas treated.

Our approach & commitment to Exterior House Washing service

Bebrite’s approach to cleaning hard laid exterior surfaces is always application specific. There is no one-way to do this. Careful consideration of the surface, the Bebrite cleaning product, if necessary to use, and the type of equipment, will be firstly discussed with the home or office owner. Get a Exterior House Washing Quote or call 1300 131 664.

Highly trained Exterior House Washing technicians

Bebrite technicians use the latest equipment, application specific, and combine this with exclusive to Bebrite cleaning products. The cleaning equipment used will range from rotary washers, the latest one-pass scrubbers, and high-pressure cleaners, for those areas where a deep penetration of the surface is required. Exterior House Washing

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