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Work Place related or possibly whilst working from home

Domestic assistance

Bebrite offers domestic home care assistance to include home cleaning and other related domestic tasks such as, tidying, bed making and laundry.

  • Regular Cleaning
  • One Off Cleans
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Washing
  • Ironing
  • Bed Making
  • Housekeeping & Shopping
  • Housekeeping Chores
  • In Home Cleaning Services throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wollongong, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle & Perth.


If you think you need domestic assistance, talk to the insurer about how they can support you by offering a Bebrite In Home Cleaning service.

Eligibility and how to claim. You may claim for domestic cleaning assistance where:

  • a medical practitioner has certified (based on a functional assessment), that you would benefit from the assistance and the assistance is assessed as reasonably necessary
  • you completed these domestic tasks prior to the injury
  • your injury has resulted in a permanent impairment of at least 15 per cent or the assistance is temporary (up to six hours per week for a total period of three months)

The domestic home care assistance should follow a care plan the insurer has set up with you.

The insurer must make a decision regarding liability of your claim for domestic home care assistance within 21 days.

If you don’t agree with the insurer’s decision, you can request a review.

Workers compensation is a form of insurance payment to employees if they are injured at work or become sick due to their work. Workers compensation includes payments to employees to cover their: wages while they’re not fit for work. medical expenses and rehabilitation.

After your claim is received

Your claims manager assesses the claim after they receive your application. Your claims manager may ask you for more information before they make a determination.

Your claims manager will normally arrange an assessment by a suitably qualified professional (usually an occupational therapist) to assist with assessing if and what services are required.

You can engage a provider for attendant care services after your claim is approved.

The attendant home care services provided are regularly reviewed to ensure that you are receiving an appropriate level of service and that the type of home care assistance being provided meets your needs.

Bebrite offers over 20 years of domestic home care assistance with all our teams fully trained and Bebrite approved by the service provider. Bebrite has one national PLI insurance policy covering all Bebrite teams and one workers accident insurance policy. [Chub] Bebrite managers the whole service quality coordination with you the client, all invoicing, and payments from the case manager to the team, and every aspect of the service until completely concluded. Bebrite’s priority focus is to you the client.

Bebrite Regular House Cleaning Service teams offer the best house cleaning prices and the best house cleaning service.

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