Exterior House Cleaning Service


An exterior house cleaning service that offers the best exterior house cleaning price, is tailor made to your needs and your budget, with a 100% customer guarantee of satisfaction, and with more than 28 years of being affordable, reliable and friendly, using Bebrite’s environmentally safe cleaning products. Bebrite offers experienced Exterior House Cleaners to undertake just about any exterior house cleaning job. Bebrite teams are equipped by Bebrite and use only Bebrite environmentally safe Exterior House Cleaning Products for these cleaning services. From driveways to pool surrounds, to all exterior building material faces and all materials used in hard surface exterior wall surfaces, Bebrite offers highly experienced teams using, “high pressure exterior house cleaning, or soft exterior house washing”. Bebrite also offers rejuvenation exterior cleaning for most types of porous and non porous hard surfaces, including; vinyl, unsealed ceramic tiling, porcelain, concrete and brick surfaces, timber, form-crete, pavers, sandstone, granite, marble, slate, quarry tiles, travertine and all laid pool surrounds including the popular pebble-crete, Bebrite can also clean stone and masonry surfaces.

Exterior House Cleaning:

  • External wall surfaces, house or office, painted, treated, timber, brick, rendered
  • Grout
  • Driveways and Pavements
  • Pool surrounds
  • Eaves and barge board faces
  • Timber Window surrounds, and windows
  • Window screens
  • Most roofing, tiles, steel, slate
  • Timber railings, decorative fence palings, gates
  • Exterior House Cleaning for all Homes, Villas, Town Houses, and Home Units
  • High Pressure Water Cleaning for Cement and Concrete
  • Industrial Surfaces; factories, warehouses, garages
  • Any exterior house surface that has deteriorated through the effect of weather, including mildew and mould, environmental pollution, spiders, and age

Equipment & cleaning products

  • Preferred equipment will be to soft wash the exterior house surfaces
  • When high pressure equipment is used Bebrite’s technicians will test the exterior house surface area first
  • Bebrite’s technicians will first provide the house owner an obligation free quotation for the exterior house cleaning required.
Low to High Pressure Exterior House Cleaning of Concrete, Cement, Pebble Crete, Stone, Slate, Tile, All Timber Surfaces, and Hard Ground Surfaces.

Our commitment is to meet your Exterior House Cleaning expectations with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee:

Our exterior house cleaning service commitment is to give you the very best and affordable exterior house cleaning result. Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee supports our reputation for high quality exterior house cleaning results and to provide you with the most competitive price!

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