Q: What type of cleaning products do your Bebrite teams use?
A: We use our own exclusively manufactured for Bebrite environmentally safe and independently endorsed, cleaning products. Bebrite Natural Cleaning Products

Q. How much does your Bebrite cleaning service cost?
A: We tailor make the quote to suit your budget & your needs. We can give you a range of costs, or rough guide over the phone, directly from our HEAD OFFICE, however, we prefer for our team to give you a personal quote, that way you get to meet the people who will be coming into your home.

Q. Are your teams insured? What does the insurance cover?
A: It is mandatory for all our Bebrite teams to have insurance which covers public liability, goods in custody, and product liability. View Bebrite’s Insurance Certificate of Currency

Q.What is the hourly rate?
A:We do not work on an hourly rate as so many of our clients are at work and we feel hourly rates can be compromised which is why we prefer to quote the job on a flat rate system, that way you know exactly what you will get without the cleaning standard being compromised.

Q. How do your Bebrite teams quote, over the phone or visit?
A: Our team will visit you and provide you with an obligation free quote, you get to meet the team and they can tailor make the quote to your budget and your needs.

Q. What type of system do your carpet cleaners use?
A: Our Bebrite Carpet Cleaning teams are authorised to use and apply a range of exclusive to Bebrite specialty cleaning and protection products. These include Bebrite Anti Microbial treatments, Bebrite Fabric and Upholstery Protection. Carpets cleaned the Bebrite way are left sparkling clean, odour free, and when treated with Bebrite’s® Supershield Professional, your carpets are less likely to re-stain. Regular quarterly carpet cleans are recommended to protect your carpet investment. Bebrite Carpet Cleaning teams use a combination of steam and dry. Our Bebrite system is effective and efficient and dry enough to walk on at the time the technician completes the job. Our specially trained and authorised teams can also advise on other hard to remove stains.

Q: What Cleaning Product removes the following STAINS;

WINE – Initially, soak up with SALT. Then have professional stain removal by Bebrite using EXCEL. ORANGE CORDIAL – The above process should be followed. INK – Initially, apply Nail Polish Remover. Then have professional stain removal by Bebrite using ORANGE SOLV. URINE – Initially, apply if possible Bi-Carb. Then have professional stain and odour removal by Bebrite using RUSTAWAY and then BEBRITE ® ANTI-MICROBIAL. DOG EXCRETA – The above process should be followed..

Q: What Cleaning Product removes soap scum from shower screens:
A: BEBRITE TOTAL BATHROOM. This product maybe purchased through Bebrite’s On-Line shop.

Q: What Cleaning Product removes Dog, Cat and Cigarette odour:
A: BEBRITE® ANTI-MICROBIAL. This product maybe purchased through Bebrite’s On-Line shop.

Q: Can I have my soft furniture, drapes and carpets SCOTCH GUARDED?

Q: How often should my carpets be cleaned:
A: Industry experts recommend that carpets should be cleaned professionally at least twice a year. However, heavy traffic areas should be cleaned more frequently. It is a good idea to place entry mats at all access points to the home or office.

Q: Can Bebrite eliminate DUST MITES?
A: BEBRITE® ANTI MICROBIAL kills the food source that feeds Dust Mites and therefore prevents their further infestation.

Q: What causes DUST MITES?
A: Dust Mites are micro organisms’, usually carried by air.

Q: Are DUST MITES harmful?
A: Dust Mites contribute to triggering respiratory conditions such as sinus, hay fever and Asthma. Dust mites also contribute to the other harmful conditions such as Psoriasis.

Q: Do BEBRITE ODOUR ELIMATOR products camouflage the odour or eliminate the odour?
A: Bebrite odour control products, ELIMINATE the odour.