A SECURE CLEANING BUSINESS FOR SALE.  A Bebrite Cleaning Business is a recession proof business, pays you cash on the day and lets you work where and when you chose.

The Benefits:

  • Quick return on your investment
  • Earn $33 – $45+ per hour per person – CASH
  • Earn $60 – $100+ per hour per person for Carpet and Upholstery – CASH
  • More than 300 new customers every week
  • Franchisees report incomes from $3,000 to $20,000+ per month
  • Combined Franchises in Home-Office-Carpet Cleaning (3 Franchises for the ONE COST)
  • Many Franchisees are still operating after 20 years with Bebrite
  • Bebrite Head Office Support with booked jobs and new leads daily
  • Full and extensive training and ongoing assistance in all aspects of your business
  • National Franchise Insurance and Group Buying Power
  • Over 100,000 customers
  • Work the hours you choose
  • No Territory or Suburbs restrictions
  • 200+ Franchisees
  • No Advertising Fee
  • Flat Monthly Fees
  • Cash Income from your first working day
  • Bebrite cleaning products are provided to you Free
  • Great success stories
  • Working where you choose to means no stopping your NEW business growth

The best cleaning standard can only be achieved with the best cleaning company support

Bebrite has built a long standing highly regarded reputation for quality cleaning in thousands of houses, offices and units across Australia. Our franchisees wherever they come from are committed to protect their customers, and of course their own Bebrite business, by offering the best cleaning skills learnt at Bebrite, and  by using Bebrite’s safe cleaning products. These cleaning products are regularly provided to all our teams free of charge.

What makes your Bebrite Franchise so different

Cleaning Franchise Opportunities NO SET RESTRICTED AREA, no one suburb, no one post code, work in those areas YOU chose to work in, and anywhere throughout all of Sydney’s metropolitan suburbs, many outer lying areas, and in most of the larger cities like Wollongong and Newcastle, the ACT, (Canberra) S.E. Queensland, (Brisbane) including the Gold Coast, in Victoria, (Melbourne) and in WA. (Perth) Bebrite Cleaning Franchises have been successfully operating since mid 1995, more than 20 years, and with 200+ Franchisees. Bebrite’s focus is to enable people who want to be their own boss, to own their own business, and work the hours that best suit their family. Bebrite offers a number of very flexible purchase costs, and a guarantee of income in writing. This is a secure business in a growing market that provides a number of different opportunities, and to many different types of people. A multi level cleaning franchise where Bebrite will assist you personally to have the business you want, and where you want it. Want more information about a Bebrite Cleaning Franchise phone 1300 131 664 or enquire online.

Cleaning Franchise Business

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